Which are the renewable sources of energy used in Agentina?Where are they produced?1)"Renewable energies" are those energy sources based on the use of the sun, wind, water or plant or animal biomass, among others. They are characterized by not using fossil fuels - as happens with conventional energies - but resources capable of renewing unlimited. Its environmental impact is of less magnitude given that in addition to not using finite resources, they do not generate pollutants. Its benefits range from the diversification of the country's energy matrix to the promotion of national industry; and from the development of regional economies to the boost to tourism.
2)The provinces of Santa Cruz, Chubut, Río Negro and Buenos Aires concentrate the greatest Argentine wind potential.

Ten types of energy

Ten types of energy. There are TEN types of energy in this video

Draw a T-chart.Each column has a name: TIME & TYPE OF ENERGYWatch the video and complete itBe careful, they're no in the correct order: KINETIC, NUCLEAR, GRAVITATIONAL, CHEMICAL, SOUND, ELASTIC, ELECTRICAL, TIDAL,HEAT, LIGHT, MAGNETIC.Which type of energy is NOT in the video?DEFINE the NEW types of energy.Answer:

TIME ENERGY 0.03 Magnetic 0.27 Kinetic 0.40 Heat 0.47 Light 0.57


Fossil fuels are derived from which of the following sources?
A: organic matter trapped in sedimentary rockB: nonorganic matter trapped in metamorphic rockC: organic matter trapped in igneous rockD: organic matter on the crust's surface

Coal, a common fossil fuel, is formed from which of the following types of organic matter?
A: freshwater algaeB: bodies of dead animalsC: marine organismsD: tree trunks, leaves, and freshwater plantsOil and gas are mainly derived from which of the following sources?
A: trees and larger plantsB: phytoplanktonic material found in marine basinsC: freshwater algaeD: dead animalsWhat is one difference between a common organic fuel such as wood, and a fossil fuel?
A: Wood burns more slowlyB: Fossil fuels burn fasterC: Fossil fuels make more efficient fuelsD: Wood is in higher demand

Why do fossil fuels generate more power than wood for use in machines, for example?


Many times we say look at the energy of that athlete or the batteries no longer have energy, those are common uses for this word, but what is the energy?
The concept of energy is related to the ability to generate movement or achieve the transformation of something. In the economic and technological area, energy refers to a natural resource and the associated elements that make it possible to make an industrial use of it.Various types of energy can be detailed according to the field of study. Mechanical energy, for example, is the combination of kinetic energy and potential energy
Energy can also be classified by source. Nonrenewable energy is called that which comes from exhaustible sources, such as that from petroleum, coal or natural gas. In contrast, renewable energy is virtually infinite, such as wind (generated by wind) and solar. The basis of the use of these renewable energies is that they opt for an energy that takes advantage of inexhaustible natural sources, as would be the ca…


Good afternoon mrs curie first of all I must say that it is an honor to be able to do this interview, I admire very much all his achievements, in my opinion is the most famous scientist of all time, said let's start Where was he born? I was born in Warsaw, modern Poland, on November 7, 1867 In which sciences did he win his two Nobel Prizes? I was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only person to win two Nobel Prizes in two different sciences, physics and chemistry What elements did you discover? With my husband we were able to discover polonium and radium Went to college? I had planned to go to the University of Warsaw, but unfortunately it was only for boys, I had no choice but to go to 'the floating university', also in Warsaw Did I get a degree? Yes, with a lot of effort I managed to travel to France to study, but having had a shortage of money I had to survive on bread and tea, it was horrible Completed a masters degree? In 1893 he c…

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