Many times we say look at the energy of that athlete or the batteries no longer have energy, those are common uses for this word, but what is the energy?

 The concept of energy is related to the ability to generate movement or achieve the transformation of something. In the economic and technological area, energy refers to a natural resource and the associated elements that make it possible to make an industrial use of it.Various types of energy can be detailed according to the field of study. Mechanical energy, for example, is the combination of kinetic energy and potential energy
Energy can also be classified by source. Nonrenewable energy is called that which comes from exhaustible sources, such as that from petroleum, coal or natural gas. In contrast, renewable energy is virtually infinite, such as wind (generated by wind) and solar.
The basis of the use of these renewable energies is that they opt for an energy that takes advantage of inexhaustible natural sources, as would be the case with sunlight. Likewise, it also bets on an energy that is able to regenerate naturally and that , Therefore, does not cause any damage to the natural environment.


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